I believe that pregnancy is an incredible experience in any woman’s life, but if you are experiencing pain, you shouldn’t just have to suffer through it. I want each woman to be as functional and pain-free as possible so that they can actually enjoy this special time. Treatment may include (but is not limited to) relief for neck, back, and pelvic pain, prenatal exercise to remain strong and functional during pregnancy, and labor and delivery preparation.

Whether your desire is to have a natural birth or are open to other forms of pain relief, I want you to go into labor and delivery feeling empowered and prepared. I offer 1 (or more if necessary) session at 35+ weeks to help you prepare for labor and delivery. This may include some stretches/exercises that can be helpful, education on perineal massage to prevent tearing, as well as teaching hands-on techniques and positioning that your partner can do with you to potentially decrease length of labor, pain, and trauma during delivery. This could also coincide with help from a birth doula.


Your labor and delivery may or may not have gone as planned, and many moms feel overwhelmed with the needs of their newborn, along with figuring out where to start in dealing with everything their body has been through. I recommend one visit during the 1st or 2nd week postpartum which I will customize to your individual needs. This may include treatment for pain or other issues that arose during labor/delivery, a few basic exercises for pelvic core muscle activation, scar tissue management, direction in beginning physical activity, evaluation/treatment of abdominal muscle separation (rectus diastasis) if able, and posture/positioning with breastfeeding.

Six weeks postpartum and beyond – After six weeks, you are typically given the green light to begin normal activity, but often times women don’t yet feel “normal” or they don’t know where to start. I believe it’s important to have a visit with a women’s health PT at this point to check whether any abdominal muscle separation still exists so we can deal with it before jumping back into exercise or other activity, evaluate and treat pelvic floor muscle weakness that may be causing pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence, and help give you direction in working back into activity in a healthy and safe manner.

However, this treatment is not just for women who recently had a baby – this is offered to any woman, whether you’ve had a baby or not. If you are struggling with any pelvic issues, including (but not limited to) incontinence (including ANY amount of leaking such as when you cough/sneeze/jump, or feel the urge to go all the time), pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, or just want some direction in developing an appropriate exercise program or advancing it, I would love to serve you! I believe that wellness is just as important as treatment, and I don’t believe in “settling” for less than functioning at your absolute best!



This is offered 2x/year, typically at the start of the new year and in the fall. It’s a 9 week weight loss training that focuses on losing what weighs you down so you can be healthy and whole in every aspect of life! This is not a diet, and not a quick fix. But if you want something that will give you freedom with food and enjoyment with movement, this is your answer.


I also teach fitness classes, offered multiple times year round that are for mind, body AND spirit! Format is a variety including cardio/strength/HIIT/circuit/drumsticks, and is for every body shape, size, age, and fitness level. Please inquire for time and location as this varies throughout the year.